About Greek Town Gril

It is great pleasure to us that we introduce our Authentic Greek and Indian restaurant among you offering diners lunch a wonderful array of high quality, mouthwatering traditional Greek, American, Nepali, and Indian dishes, cooked to order using only the freshest, hand-picked ingredients selected from the markets daily. Greek and Indian food is all about family, so it is no surprise that our time-honored recipes have been passed down through the generations from the origins in Greek and India. We offer Dine-in, Carryout, Delivery and Catering services. Together with a wonderful experience and hard work we are dedicated to achieve customer satisfaction by continuously providing best quality food and service. In preparing meals utmost consideration is give to hygiene taste and freshness. We do not serve pre prepared meals and our curry base are also made on site and not out sourced. Therefore giving a home made feel to all our curries.

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